Sunday, March 16, 2014

So what am I eating?

I thought I might follow up my introductory post with one about what I have been eating for the past several days.  If you have read "The Calorie Myth," then you know the focus is on vegetables and protein.  If you haven't read it, you NEED TO!  I cannot begin to paraphrase all the information given in that wonderful book, nor will I try to do so.  Mr. Bailor spent a very long time doing a huge amount of research, and it is absolutely worth reading to absorb every bit of information.  So go get the book!!!  Read it...devour it....learn so much from it that you just can't believe it.  It just might change your life!

If you haven't yet read it, please don't be put off by the "protein" emphasis.  Trust me, this is NOT a low-carb diet....after all, the primary focus is vegetables, which are, of course, carbs!  :)

My first day of "weaning" onto the plan, I started off with a green smoothie.  I never thought I would enjoy such a thing, but I LOVED it!  And I could not believe how full I was, and how long the fullness lasted!  I made a simple smoothie with spinach, a few strawberries, and some strawberry protein powder.  It was delicious, and although I packed in a bunch of spinach, there wasn't even a hint of spinach flavor....just yummy strawberries!

Lunch was actually a minimal change for me.  I have been enjoying a variety of salads at lunch for several months because I enjoy them, and they are filling.  All I had to do was increase the protein.  I do enjoy my salads with various vegetables, and I will confess that I DO still have commercial bottled salad dressing.  The dressing is not a SANE food, as it is processed, but I limit myself to the 2 T. serving of a lite dressing, and that is plenty for me.  Mr. Bailor encourages everyone to find the right balance for him/ don't have to be perfect at all!  So this is part of my balance, because I love salad dressing in small amounts.  This is perfectly fine, and works well with my lifestyle.  I just made sure my salad contained enough chicken breast to give me sufficient protein, as outlined in the book (and VERY well-explained as to why you need this amount!).

For an afternoon snack, I made another green smoothie because I had so enjoyed the one for breakfast that I was craving another.  I didn't even want dinner until quite late because I wasn't hungry at all.

Dinner involved carry out, and I still adhered to the plan, believe it or not!  We got Jimmy Johns, and I ordered an "unwich" with one extra serving of meat.  I even got the avocado was GOOD!!!  I ate it along with some steamed asparagus (one of my favorites) and a small salad.

At the end of the day, I had consumed sufficient protein, about a serving of fruit, and 10 servings of vegetables. I never felt the urge to have dessert....I was plenty full and felt great!

This is just one day's example of how a person might choose to eat.  Since then, I have enjoyed a wide variety of tasty foods, including a wonderful vegetable and chicken stir fry with bean sprouts instead of rice that my entire family enjoyed, and some delightful muffins made with almond flour and flavored with cardamom, coconut, and cashews.  And did you know that coconut oil is absolutely delicious on roasted cauliflower??  I am loving trying new things and sharing healthy, SANE dinners with my family.  These are foods I can enjoy for a lifetime, and I can still enjoy dining out on a regular basis without any problem!

In case you are wondering, I have lost 7 lbs this first week.  That seems a little high, but I have always been the type that has 5 lbs that "disappear" at the beginning of any diet I've tried.  They come and go very easily, so I have lost 2 "real" pounds, which is perfect for a week of a new way of eating.  I'm very pleased with my results.  I keep meaning to take measurements, but that might never

I hope this food information is helpful to you.  So you know, as I type this, I am enjoying a Quest Coconut Cashew bar.  I am finding it absolutely fantastic!  And it is included as a SANE treat, as long as you don't eat too many of them, as a bar is definitely not one of the core foods that make up the program. For me, half of the bar is going to be enough, as I am already full.  The other part of my afternoon snack was raw broccoli dipped in a bit of guacamole (homemade....avocado, a little lime juice, and garlic).  So good!

Until my next post, keep being SANE!


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