Sunday, March 16, 2014

A victory...and appetite changes

It was a week ago today that I began to follow (for the most part, though I'm far from perfect) the SANE lifestyle of eating.  In that time, I've not eaten much processed sugar at all, although I did partake in very small amounts of the absolutely amazing brownies my daughter made last weekend.  I had a fraction of what I would have eaten in the past, but I DID eat some of them.

Today, I am very proud of a decision I made at work.  Since today is "Pi Day" (3/14), a couple of ladies with whom I work brought in celebratory pies to enjoy at lunch today.  We had French Silk and Berry Pies, as well as Blue Bell Neopolitan ice cream.  Oh, MY!  Good stuff, right?  Well, I ate my usual large salad for lunch, and couldn't even come close to finishing it.  I was so full that I didn't even have the desire to enjoy the pie.  So I politely declined.  I sat there while everyone else dined on these delicious pies and ice cream, and somehow I did NOT feel deprived.  I'm so happy about this!  I didn't even bring any slices home to try later. I really didn't even want any, even though French Silk is one of my all-time favorites, and I could eat just pie crust all day long in my former life. :)   This experience was a non-scale victory!  I might just go celebrate it with some

This positive experience also led me to reflect on my appetite.  I know I've only been "Being SANE" for a week, but I have already found that I don't eat as much.  I used to down my salads every day - every last bite of them.  And I would crave the fresh-baked cookies we have at work as well.  But I don't anymore.  I eat my breakfast (see my prior post for what I've enjoyed the past few days), and by lunchtime, I'm not all that hungry.  I have been bringing a bit of cottage cheese (mixed with just a tiny bit of vanilla protein powder and some cinnamon - yum!) along with my salad, and I manage to eat that, but I'm down to only needing about half the amount of salad before I'm quite full.  And here I sit, 4 hours after lunch, and I STILL feel full!  It's amazing....and even more so how quickly I came to this point.

In the past, dessert in the evenings has been a staple - I was always hungry for it, and often continued to be hungry enough to eat a snack a bit later.  But while I've been eating SANEly, I haven't even had the urge for dessert.  I did enjoy the brownies (a VERY small piece each day) last weekend, but that was all I had after dinner.  And I don't wake up famished, either.  Truthfully, I never feel extremely hungry lately.  This is amazing, because I've always been starving half the time on past diet plans.  There never seems to be enough food to be satisfying.  But eating SANEly, I find that it's difficult for me to even consume the amounts of food that I am supposed to eat!  If I can't even finish a salad at lunch, that's saying something.  Obviously my body is not in need of as much food as it used to be.  Such a strange and fascinating phenomenon....

I know I've posted a lot in the past 24 hours....more than I imagined I would.  I just have so many thoughts and questions about this new way of life I've found and I don't know anyone to discuss these things with.  So here I blog, and hopefully others will find this blog and we can share information, ideas, recipes, thoughts, etc.  I hope to keep on posting.

Until later, enjoy this wonderful day and your SANEity! :)


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