Monday, March 17, 2014

A "Cheat"

Today is my 11th day of SANEity.  And tonight, I "cheated." Honestly, it wasn't a cheat, as this is not an all-or-nothing diet plan at all!  It's very flexible, and you make it as healthy and free of inSANE foods as you want.  It's all in your power, which makes this such a fabulous plan.

But in most diets, people speak of "cheat days," so therefore I am calling tonight a "cheat" just to utilize a term that is easily recognized and relate-able.   Tonight my daughter wanted frozen yogurt, and my boyfriend decided that was a good idea.  I could have easily declined to accompany them, but I made the decision that having a small treat was not going to derail my eating plans and that I was going to just enjoy it.  So I went to the frozen yogurt place KNOWING there wouldn't be anything there that was a fully SANE option.  And I was okay with that.  :-)

I was actually very good compared to the way I used to think of my fro-yo treats.  I looked over the options, comparing carbs and sugar grams, and found that they were all similar enough that my choice wasn't going to make a significant difference, so I opted for the flavor that sounded best - caramel fudge turtle.  I got the smallest container they had available, and only put in what I was gauging to be about a half-cup serving.  Then at the toppings bar, I selected only about a tablespoon of chopped pecans.  My total cup weighed in at under three ounces!  Previously, it's been at least six, and then there are all the sample cups to take into account....I usually have at least 8 ounces, I'm sure.

The cool thing was, I truly ENJOYED that small serving of frozen yogurt.  I felt no guilt about having it, and I savored every bite.  The amount was plenty to make me feel quite satisfied, and I'm not dealing with any of the guilt that I've had with past "diets" when I had a cheat food or day.  It's a wonderful, satisfying, in CONTROL feeling.  I like it.  I like SANEity.  It fits me....unlike most of my jeans lately.  ;-)

Until next time, enjoy the SANEity!


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